Poblenou, BCN

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Poblenou: one of the treasures BCN Intro Imagine escaping the hustle and bustle of central Barcelona and stepping into a vibrant oasis. Welcome to Poblenou, a neighborhood that invites you to embark on a captivating journey. You choose a panoramic metro ride, a leisurely bike trip along the coast, or a brisk walk through sun-kissed […]

Swim now! work later…


Discover how your Coworking Working WITH, located in Poblenou with the beach only a couple of steps away,  helps you to energize at the beginning of the day. “The water is so salty here!!” “It is so clear we can see fish!” ☺☺☺ What a privilege to host two diving instructors (yes not one but […]

The Third Way in the coworking

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The roots of the coworking space are old: in the 15th century, the bottegas (artists’ workshops) were already collaborative spaces in which a spirit of innovation and collaboration between teachers and apprentices was breathed. The collaborative space perpetuates a tradition of work community. Nowadays the coworking is a new organization of work that translates a […]