Working WITH – Coworking Barcelona

Social Responsibility

Working With is not just a workspace, we seek to contribute social impacts that make our world a more sociable, livable and supportive place.

Our three solidary projects

Provide Shelter

Helping people from Ukraine to stay warm during the wniter

Help For Seniors

Provide humanitarian aid to lonely elderly people

A New Start

Helping refugees from conflicts in Ukraine to start over again

Volunteering in Day Centers

Our desire to leave a mark in every action we take helps us grow. We have worked with the Icaria Residence, to offer our company to the residents. Sandy (USA), a Working With coworker, tells us that it was an unforgettable experience for her.

There were many conversations, lots of laughter and the funniest stories.

Sandy M.
Coworker de Working With

Older people just want someone to talk with, to share their laughter with and have their social moment of the day.

Sandy M.
Coworker de Working With

Humanitarian project to help Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia, we have been concerned about the situation experienced by our colleagues, other coworkers, and friends who have been affected by this situation, so we decided to take action:

From March 2022 and forwards, any coworker coming from Ukraine can benefit from a free FIX space for 2 months.

We also decided to contribute to the projects proposed by, who’ve presented a list of 80 proposals that help Ukranian families, provide rehabilitation for refugees, medical aid among others.

Interns from all over the world

Working With has always been committed to training the next generation. For this reason, we have several contacts around the world in order for young people to enjoy and learn from a work experience in the heart of Barcelona.

We’ve had the great opportunity to have several interns who’ve learned about social media management, graphical design, human resources and web development.