Why people thrive in coworking spaces?

Working on your own has many benefits, you have flexible hours, autonomy to work on what you want, and the control to work wherever you want. Nevertheless, working on your own has many challenges, the isolation and loneliness are big problems if you have decided to work from home.

A research made by Harvard Business on coworkings, showed that members working in a shared space, can substantially reduce the isolation and loneliness associated with “work from home”. The research also showed a variety of other work-related benefits associated with coworking membership. 84% members, reported that working in a coworking space improved their work engagement and motivation, making them thrive.

Thriving is a psychological state composed of the joint experience of vitality and learning. People who experience a sense of feeling energized and alive, and a sense that they are continually improving and getting better at what they do, developed a socially embedded model of thriving at work.

In this scene, thriving is conceptualized as an adaptive function because it helps individuals to assess their forward progress, and it enhances the health and personal development of employees.

In a coworking, the rule is to help each other out, and the variety of professionals and people with unique skills gives the space to provide unique knowledge to help the community. This environment makes people to be in a continuous learning, and engage with the community. Independent workers in a coworking, get also the benefit from the social aspects, and find that the professional networking opportunities help them to generate new business.

Belong to a community is known to bring many benefits, reducing the loneliness and isolation, bringing knowledge and new professional opportunities. On the whole, the result is bring happiness.

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